Cases in interviews.

improved insight and relevant conversations

Casefair is a case platform that makes it easy for companies to leverage case-based assessments at scale where hiring managers can quickly identify top talent and avoid bad hires.

Cases creating insight.

candidate interviews

Cases work as a dialogue tool and help managers conduct relevant and structured interviews.

Less bias,
more diversity

More diversity with relevant, objective and consistent assessments

Discover diverse talent

Cases make it possible to evaluate non-traditional candidates and discover hidden talent

candidate experiences

Provide the candidates with insight into the role and evaluate on relevant and transparent criteria

Cases matching your needs.

Case content library

Access cases developed by case experts and domain specialists for use across job roles. Validated on relevant candidate groups.

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Cases on-demand

Cases covering relevant hard and soft skills and customized for the specific role and company to provide candidates with relevant insight.

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Customised case creator

Get your own case library developed with cases customized to match your recruitment needs and processes

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Case platform.

We have digitized the use of cases in recruitment and made it easier to collect cases, candidate solutions and ratings in one place, enabling a smooth and best-practice selection process.


The full overview

Get a comprehensive overview of all candidate solutions for each recruitment. The candidate assessment module provides easy access to individual responses and candidate ratings.

Fair and objective evaluation

Assess candidates on evaluation criteria relevant for the role. Select the evaluation criteria when creating the case to ensure consistent evaluation across company evaluators.

Ensure fair, objective and equal assessments for all candidates and enable hiring managers to conduct relevant candidate interviews by structuring interviews around evaluation criteria assessed on the case.

Team management

Let multiple recruiters and hiring managers evaluate and rate candidates by adding select users to individual case recruitments. See how other persons in the team have evaluated the candidate solutions and actively use these in candidate interviews

One solution for case and online interviews

Control the process

  • Receive all solutions in one place
  • Administer all cases in one place
  • Manage user access for all cases

The candidate journey

  • Send cases to candidates
  • Useful feedback for candidates
  • Everything in one place

Case library

  • Proven cases for various roles
  • Re-use or edit earlier cases
  • And more

What our customers say.

“Casefair has supported us in our recruitment efforts with a select group of digital talents. I find them very competent about cases and its use as an assessment tool. Our elevated use of validated cases gives an in-depth understanding of our candidates, and has increased our ability to find the very best match for our positions. It is a pleasure to work with Casefair. They are agile and flexible in our collaboration, so we secure that we meet our specific company needs.”

Mia Gren-Sørensen
Strategic Talent Acqusition Partner

Cases are our DNA.

Get started with Casefair and discover how cases make the recruitment process both easier and better – for the candidate as well as the hiring managers.

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