Cases in screening.

– better hires, in less time.

Interactive automated case assessments
Library of proven cases across job roles
Identify diverse talent solving relevant challenges
Solvable in 10-30 minutes
Predict future performance

Traditionel screening is biased, time-consuming
and hopeless in predicting job ability.

Men’s chances of being hired are twice as high as women’s
Recruiters spend 25% of their time on the screening process
Lost productivity
Top candidates in challenging positions are 150%-800% more productive than the average candidate

Get started with predictive screening.

Find the
best match

Candidate insights allowing you to identify top talent

Less bias, more

Mere diversitet med relevante, objektive og ensartede bedømmelser

More time with

Automated rating makes it possible to focus on the most relevant candidates

candidate experiences

Provide the candidates with insight into the role and evaluate on relevant and transparent criteria

Cases measuring how candidates solve relevant work challenges.

Get started immediately with our library of proven cases available for major job roles. Or let Casefair develop customized cases for your company and core roles.

Save time with

Automate the initial screening of high-volume applicants by setting threshold scores for skills assessed in the case, and only focus on candidates qualified for the role.

Identify top talent with performance analytics.

See how individual candidates solved each case task and compare their overall performance to relevant benchmarks of similar candidates. Leverage performance data analytics to predict future performance and cultural fit of applicants

Employee benchmarks for valid and improved case assessments.

Compare applicants to your current employees or similar candidate groups by evaluating their relative performance across relevant skills assessed in the case.

Cases matching your needs.

Library of proven cases ready to use

Access to cases developed by case specialists and subject matter experts across major job roles. Validated on relevant candidate groups.

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Customized cases on-demand

Customized cases covering relevant hard and soft skills while providing candidates with relevant role insight.

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Customized case library

Get your own case library developed with cases customized to match your recruitment needs and processes.

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Better hires, in less time